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503 Social Club

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503 Thirds St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

503 Social Club

503 Social Club is proud to host a group exhibition of four women that we feel are some of the area's most inspired - and inspiring - painters.

Focusing on portraits and people reacting to society and environment, Andrea Kroening's work typically involves combining acrylic, charcoal, and spray-paints. This experimenting results in unique effects in color and texture that bridge fine art and street art techniques.

A painter and art director, Jen Morris's interests collide in the work. Textiles, organic materials, graphic patterns, spiritual symbols, flowers, birds, and chairs come together to reveal tales of a parallel world. They exist instead of journal pages. They reside in a place between words and dreams.

Deborah Pohl is an active member of the local arts community, keeping a studio at the historic Neumann Leather Building and taking part in exhibitions around the state. Her paintings occupy the category of still life while working against
expectations by presenting objects in unfamiliar and surprising compositions.

Nancy Tompkins has lived in Jersey City Heights for twenty years, and has been an elementary school art teacher for over thirty-five years. Her paintings are small and intimate, transforming memories and movements through spaces into hand-made

Hudson County

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Friday, April 19th


11:00 PM


1:00 AM

Saturday, April 20th

Sunday, April 21st

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