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46 English Plaza suite 6, Red Bank, NJ 07701, USA


We are four artists with four different styles working in separate studios. We can be found in Suite 6 on the second floor ( walk up) of the rear building at 46 English Plaza in Red Bank, off of West Front Street (opposite Riverside Park). You will be greeted in our common kitchen where refreshments are available as you tour our studios. Street parking is available and also in the adjacent English Plaza and White Street lots.

We can't wait to show you our work!


Suzan Globus

Suzan Globus is an interdisciplinary, research-based artist, writer and educator.  Globus’ installations explore the nature of ephemerality in a generative lifecycle. She uses discarded natural and manufactured materials in her paintings, sculpture, and mixed media print making. Through her art she elevates the overlooked as it relates to ecology and women to encourage respect for our environment and each other and highlight the connection between the two.



Dawn DiCicco

As an intuitive abstract painter, I take inspiration from the world around me. Be it music, nature, a song, or a shadow - I use texture, depth, movement, and color to guide the viewer through my mixed media acrylic paintings.

Over the years my work has varied from pure non-representational paintings to seascapes, collage, and to simplified, textural, spontaneous abstractions (with occasional, whimsical depictions of foxes.)

In my newest work I am exploring large, bold, organic/animal-like shapes with concentrated color and fluid line work.



Ericka Bruno

Ericka Bruno's paintings live at the meeting place of motion and stillness.

At once ordered and aware of life’s chaos, each is a creation that embraces the transformative nature of light and the ability of color to call us out of conscious thought before releasing us.

Each work begins with lines – intersecting – becoming shapes. A mosaic surface unfolds on the canvas that proposes both juxtaposition and balance. Ericka embraces her lived experiences and translates them into the these adjacent, related tiles. Water’s surface, sky’s reflection, family’s voices, music, running, stop. The language of her paintings comprised of pigment and movement that are not contained, but explore the pieces before the whole, unity, immersion undefined.



JP Nicolaides

In May of 2020, I was introduced, by a very dear friend who is an artist in Ireland, to acrylic printmaking.  It was something of a salvation to me during the darkest days of the pandemic. This outlet for creative energy gave me joy and peace—no mean feat as the Covid losses, very near and far, continued to mount.

After several successful shows and gallery sales, I started to move into painting. There is a liberating quality to abstract painting—it is virtually limitless. Combining techniques as I learn about them is so satisfying and actually feels like playing. I feel very fortunate that people see my work and like where it takes them. My journey becomes their journey. Cool.

Oyster Point Walls: Solo Show, July, 2021

Oyster Point Walls: “Unseen” Collaborative Show, April 2022

MT Burton Gallery: 2022-2023

Long Beach Island Foundation: “Works on Paper” Jury-Selected Print, May 2022

Atlantic Highlands Arts Council: “Printmakers’ Marks” Juried Printmaking Exhibition, June 2022

Guild of Creative Art: Juried Show, October 2022

Oyster Point Walls: Solo Show, January 2023

30 years in a corporate career helped me and my family enjoy many wonderful things. We know how lucky we are.  This exploration of creativity and expression of imagination makes me feel even luckier.

Inspiration is everywhere.






Monmouth County

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Friday, April 19th



Saturday, April 20th

5:00 PM

10:00 PM

Sunday, April 21st

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