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Pierro Gallery at The Baird

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5 Mead St, South Orange, NJ 07079, USA

Pierro Gallery at The Baird

Founded in 1994, The Pierro Gallery of South Orange presents the work of diverse, established, and emerging visual artists in a non-commercial, user-friendly venue. Through its programs and exhibitions, the Gallery enhances the cultural environment of South Orange and the surrounding communities aiming to educate, enrich and engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The Pierro Gallery is a facility of the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

Showcasing South Orange


Celebrating 30 Years of Artistic Excellence at the Pierro Gallery


With immense pride and appreciation, we mark thirty years of creativity, inspiration, and community at the Pierro Gallery. This significant milestone honors the Gallery's journey from its inception to the present day and anticipates the exciting opportunities that await in the future.


The inaugural exhibition proudly showcases the talents of the South Orange artist community.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming space where creativity thrives, artists flourish, and the community comes together to celebrate the transformative power of art.


We believe that art should be accessible to all, regardless of background, experience, or artistic skill. Our gallery welcomes artists of all ages, abilities, and identities, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to share their unique perspective and creativity.


We celebrate the rich tapestry of voices, cultures, and experiences that make our community unique. Our gallery showcases a diverse range of artistic styles, mediums, and perspectives.

Essex County

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Friday, April 19th



Saturday, April 20th

2:00 PM

5:00 PM

Sunday, April 21st

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